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RSA-4096 Virus Removal Tips

RSA-4096 Virus is classified as a highly dangerous ransomware program. Not only it does damage to your files – it can also make you pay money to its creators. If you have already been infected with this malware, you know that it encrypts all the files that are present on your computer (only the personal files are blocked). After the application does its evil deed, it starts demanding a ransom so that your data could be decrypted.

Unfortunately, if you delete RSA-4096 Virus, its consequences are not reversed. Your files are still encrypted and you have to try to fix everything by yourself. Remember – even though the application promises to give you all the files back, it may be just a lie. What is more, paying money to hackers means funding them: the more people give money to cyber criminals, the more resources they have for spreading even more infections.


Why is RSA-4096 Virus dangerous?

As soon as it settles on your computer, the virus encrypts the files so that you could not open them anymore. A decryption code is needed at this point, and the hackers display a message for you which states that if you pay a certain ransom, the code will be sent to you in order to fix all the mess. However, this is not always the case. Really often, users send money and don’t get any code. The money is told to be paid in bitcoin. Our team advises you not to waste your hard-earned money on these scammers – you mustn’t support such kind of activity (also, there is no guarantee that the hackers will keep their word). The files that are encrypted can contain such ending as .jpg, .png, .jpeg (pictures), .doc, .pdf (text files), .mp3, .mp4 (audio and video files), etc. Now you will need to remove RSA-4096 Virus and try getting your files back.

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How did my PC get attacked by RSA-4096 Virus?

The malicious virus is spread in many different ways. Usually, it is downloaded by clicking on spam e-mail attachments. In future, don’t forget that opening spam e-mails can be detrimental. Even though an e-mail looks legitimate, don’t open it if you don’t know the sender. In addition, the ransomware can be downloaded by a Trojan horse. Because if this, you need a good anti-malware application to find all the other malware first and then uninstall RSA-4096 Virus.

How to remove RSA-4096 Virus from my PC?

You should remember that RSA-4096 Virus removal will not bring your data back. After you open your Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, you must erase RSA-4096 Virus ransomware. Later on, you can try decrypting the files with a professional decryption application. Of course, it is always best to keep a backup of your files so that you wouldn’t have to fear such malware ever again. More importantly, don’t forget to always update your security tool and avoid dangerous pages and spam emails.

Safe Mode with Networking

Delete RSA-4096 Virus from Windows XP

  • Restart the computer.
  • When the computer starts booting, repeatedly press F8.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking.

Terminate RSA-4096 Virus from Windows Vista and 7

  • Restart the PC.
  • When the PC starts booting, repeatedly press F8.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking.

Eliminate RSA-4096 Virus from Windows 8 and 8.1

  • Press the Start button.
  • Choose Control Panel.
  • Go to System and security.
  • Pick Administrative Tools and click System Configuration.
  • Check the Safe Boot check-box. Press OK. In the pop-up, press Restart.

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