What is SpyWarrior?

SpyWarrior is an anti-virus program for Windows computers developed by Lithuanian company Kibernetinio Saugomo Sistemos. It’s a recently-released program so features are limited to malware detection/removal but more features will likely become available in the future. The program is also only available on Windows systems but again, other versions will likely be released in the future.


SpyWarrior review

No matter how good an anti-malware program may look on paper, the reality is sometimes different. To find out whether SpyWarrior is as good as it sounds, we performed various tests. We tested its malware detection/removal capabilities, and how it affects a computer’s performance. We also evaluated the design/interface, as well as the price.

Without further ado, on to the review.

SpyWarrior protection against malware

SpyWarrior is an anti-malware program that, according to the official website, protects computers from ransomware, trojans, rootkits, botnets, keyloggers, worms, browser hijackers, adware, and more. To find out how accurate that is, we tested the program separately against two types of threats, smaller infections (adware, hijackers, etc.) and serious malware (trojans, ransomware, etc.).

We should first mention that SpyWarrior performed particularly well against threats that are often overlooked by other anti-virus programs. To be more specific, SpyWarrior was able to detect 99% of browser hijackers, adware, spyware, and potentially unwanted programs we tested it against. These types of infections are not actually all that dangerous since they don’t directly cause damage to the computer but they can make unwanted changes to settings, spam users with ads, trigger redirects, scam users, etc. It’s best to get rid of them sooner rather than later, and SpyWarrior is the perfect tool for it.

However good it is against less-serious threats, the real test is how well it blocks serious malware. We tested it against a variety of malware, including trojans, keyloggers, and ransomware. The results show that SpyWarrior has great detection rates as it was able to detect 98% of malware on the computer. Real-time detection was able to stop all malicious threats we tried to infect the computer with, and threats already on the computer were dealt with as well. Overall, these are great results.

The program’s most important feature is ransomware protection. To test out this feature, we tried infecting the computer with 50 different ransomware strains. The results were excellent, as SpyWarrior was able to block all 50 ransomware from entering the computer and encrypting files.

SpyWarrior also offers a feature that would help users in case the program cannot deal with an issue automatically. All users would need to do is navigate to the Help Desk section of the program and fill in a ticket explaining the problem. Technicians would develop a solution, and SpyWarrior would automatically remove the threat. We tested out the feature and got a response quite quickly.

SpyWarrior performance

In addition to the offered features, users also need to consider how well the program performs alongside other programs. Some anti-virus programs tend to hog system resources, which causes the computer to slow down/lag and other programs to crash. Depending on the program, it may happen when the program is simply monitoring or when it’s actively scanning.

During SpyWarrior testing, there was only minimal lag. When the program is initially launched, there is a slight increase in CPU usage but nothing that would interrupt regular computer use. There obviously is increased resource consumption when it’s scanning the computer, but it mostly has no effect on system performance. Testing has shown that SpyWarrior is a quiet program that should not interrupt regular computer use, whether it’s actively scanning for threats or simply monitoring for incoming malware.

SpyWarrior design and interface

When choosing an anti-virus program, users should always take into account how easy or difficult it is to use. A user-friendly interface is a very important aspect of an anti-virus program. A complicated program will be difficult to use for less-tech savvy users, and they may either choose a different program or not use one altogether. And those users are arguably the ones who need protection from malware the most.

scan scanning scan-results scan-scheduler scan-scheduler-2 settings

Design-wise, SpyWarrior is a pretty modern program. The dark design is not intrusive, and overall, the program looks clean. Because everything is in clear sections, SpyWarrior is not difficult to use. The interface is not overcomplicated, users can choose between two scan options, change certain settings, and manage their accounts with a few clicks. For users who may have trouble downloading, installing, and/or using the program, as well as setting up an account, there are clear instructions provided on the official website. Less-tech savvy users will certainly appreciate this. Contacting tech/customer support is also quite easy and can be done via the program’s Help Desk section.

SpyWarrior free

SpyWarrior does have a free version but it’s very limited. Users will only be able to scan their computers with it, not actually remove the detected threats. However, there is a free 7-day trial that automatically turns on when users purchase either the 1-year or 2-year subscriptions.

SpyWarrior price

While there is a limited free SpyWarrior version, it’s necessary to buy a subscription in order to use the program’s full features. There are three options available that differ in subscription length. If users do not want to commit long-term, they can purchase the monthly plan for €10/month. However, buying either the 1-year or 2-year plans would save users money as they come with discounts. The 1-year plan costs €59/year, while the 2-year plan is €79/two years. All plans include 5 licenses. Purchasing either of the plans automatically triggers the 7-day free trial so users are charged only after the trial ends.

The discounts make the program very affordable, especially considering a subscription includes 5 licenses.

Spywarrior review overview

SpyWarrior is an excellent program. It performed very well in tests and detected 99% of malware on average. The design is nice and the user interface is very friendly, customer support is accessible via the program, and the prices are affordable. To conclude, SpyWarrior is a great choice for Windows users.