We are dedicated to the cause of fighting malware on the largest battlefield in the world: the Internet. We are ready to face the challenge of making the interned a safe place, so that everyone could effectively exercise their right to browse internet without fear of suffering an identity theft, carding or an attack of a thousand pop-ups from outer space.
We are here to help you have a means to fight spyware. We are pulsetheworld.com.

It is our mission to provide you with removal instructions for most of the dangerous malware that is a threat to internet freedom.

Affiliation and software choices disclosure

No employee of pulsetheworld.com work for any spyware or antivirus manufacturer. However, if a person is happy with the software we recommend and purchases it, we get some share of the amount paid. This allows us to maintain this blog and develop free solutions that work for majority of our readers.

We have no reason to advertise software or service that has no value for our readers, as, differently from advertising contractors, we are not getting paid for this. We do not recommend software that does not provides money back guarantee or other way to try it before purchasing.

Billing Issues Only

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