Removal Tips is a French browser hijacker that can infect any computer all around the world. It can replace your default search provider, home page, and new tab window anytime. Of course, the more you use file sharing websites, the higher are the chances of the infection, as it is spread by its developers in freeware bundles. The hijacker can be considered to be a PUP (potentially unwanted program) for this reason – all PUPs are distributed in illegal ways.

Don’t worry anymore – our security team is here to help you out. Even though the browser hijacker can modify the options of a lot of browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome), we have the instructions for removal from them all. The PUP has been created by a company named Yoogoo, which doesn’t have a very high reputation. The hijacker attacks your PC system without your permission, and now you have to get rid of it because its presence can result in other problems.

Why is dangerous?

The PUP may seem to be a normal search engine at first, especially for French speakers. It looks quite decent, actually. It even has lots of seemingly useful links under the search box. You can easily access Facebook, Twitter, online radio, weather forecast, and some other good pages. Unfortunately, this is the only useful feature of the application. When you look deeper, everything doesn’t seem so pretty anymore. The search results are heavily tainted with ads. You can see this at the very beginning: one search session, and you are presented with a lot of coupons and offers that are put above the results. Also, the links that are given to you are modified too. They mainly lead to shopping websites that may not be very safe to visit. If you really care about your safety, you will uninstall right away. These sites can be corrupted thus letting malware attack your PC. This can have very negative consequences to your computer. Moreover, the browser hijacker can mess with your personal data. It collects non-personally identifiable information and, as a result, some personal data may leak. All the info has the potential to be sold to criminals.

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How did my PC get attacked by

This PUP has only one way of getting onto your computer – software bundles. It sneaks in without your permission if you do not choose the Advanced or Custom installation mode when downloading freeware from P2P pages. If you don’t want to remove and similar programs ever again, remember to pick the right options on the Installation Wizard.

How to remove from my computer?

The application can be erased both manually and automatically. You can delete by simply scanning your PC with a reputable malware and spyware removal program. Also, you can do this manually. Take a look at the instructions and, if you don’t find them very difficult, eliminate

Delete from your browser

Mozilla Firefox

  • Tap Alt+H and choose Troubleshooting Information.
  • Press Refresh Firefox.
  • Tap Refresh Firefox again.

Internet Explorer

  • Press Alt+T and select Internet Options.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and press Reset.
  • Mark the check-box.
  • Press Reset.
  • Click Close.

Google Chrome

  • Press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  • Choose Show advanced settings.
  • Press Reset settings.
  • Press Reset.

Download Removal Toolto remove

* SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. More info on SpyHunter. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. If you wish to uninstall SpyHunter, click here.

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