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What is Wildfire File Locker Virus?

Wildfire File Locker Virus, also known as Cerber Ransomware, is a malicious program that aims at extorting money from you. It infiltrates your computer and starts corrupting your files right away. Once it is done, you can no longer access your data. This is when the threat presents you with a solution: all you need to do is purchase the decryption key that can supposedly help you restore access to your files. Needless to say, you cannot trust the cyber criminals. We suggest that you get rid of Wildfire File Locker Virus without hesitation and recover your data in a different way.

WildFire Locker Virus File

How does Wildfire File Locker Virus work?

Wildfire File Locker uses different tricks to infiltrate computer systems. It may be sent to you as a malicious attachment in an email or a corrupted link in an instant message. You may also get infected by visiting a hacked website or clicking on a fake advert. As soon as the malware gets installed, it starts encrypting your photos, documents, archives, music, videos, and other important data. It uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm and adds the “.Wildfire” or “.cerber” extension to all files that it corrupts. These files are also renamed, which makes it hard to distinguish them from one another.

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Wildfire Locker Virus

After the parasite is done encrypting your data, it creates three files named “#DECRYPT MY FILES#” in txt, html, and vbs formats. These files contain the ransom note. The note explains what has happened to your files and demand that you pay the so-called ransom, if you want to get them back. It also presents you with a link to the payment page. We advise strongly against paying the cyber crooks off. There is no need for you to risk your money, because you can recover your data for free. Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor tool has been known to help users restore files encrypted by Cerber. Make sure that you not only decrypt your data, but also eliminate Wildfire File Locker Virus from your PC completely.

WildFire Virus

How to remove Wildfire File Locker Virus?

There is no question that you should terminate Wildfire File Locker Virus as soon as you can. The only sure and safe way to delete Wildfire File Locker Virus from your system is by making use of a reputable anti-malware utility. The security tool presented on our page can help you remove Wildfire File Locker Virus and other threats that may be present in your system. It will scan your computer and detect all malign components. The software will not only eliminate Wildfire File Locker Virus from your PC, but also ensure its safety in the future by providing you with online protection in real time.manual-removalDownload Removal Toolto remove Wildfire File Locker Virus

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