What is CometSearch

CometSearch redirect virus, or you may know it as a browser hijacker, will alter your browser’s settings without authorization. It’ll also try to redirect you after changing your homepage, new tabs and search engine. The hijacker won’t request for permission to authorize these changes, which is why you would most likely be bewildered. Most users regard hijackers as particularly irritating because of the unnecessary modifications and the random redirects. However, this behaviour is also why hijackers are so evident. We doubt users will not notice that something’s wrong when they are suddenly redirected. However, some users might put up with the behaviour and keep the hijacker installed if they are not familiar with what hijackers are.

Users are redirected to sponsored pages because hijackers were made for generating traffic and revenue. However, in some cases hijackers could redirect to sites hosting harmful content, so you need to be careful. You could encounter scams or severe malware.

While users are the ones installing the hijackers, they are not necessarily aware of it. For installation, hijackers use method known as software bundling. Free software comes with additional offers added to them, and they include hijackers, adware and other potentially unwanted applications. Unless the user manually prevents them from installing, the items will install alongside. Users are not able to deselect the offers because usually they do not know they are there. Preventing the installation of these unnecessary offers is pretty easy as long as you know how, and we will explain in the proceeding part of the article.

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Hijacker distribution methods

Because hijackers are not malware, they cannot install without users’ authorization. Generally, users unintentionally authorize the hijackers to install themselves. Since hijackers come attached as extra offers to freeware, they install alongside. Unless specific settings are picked when installing free software, the offers won’t be obvious. Free download web pages are full of applications that have something attached to them. Thus if you usually download freeware, you need to know how to prevent the added offers from installing.

When installing freeware in the future, always pick Advanced (Custom) settings. You won’t only be able to view all attached offers but also deselect everything. On the other hand, choosing Default settings will make it so that items remain hidden. If you notice that anything has been added, all you need to do is unmark the offer’s box.

It is essential that you’re careful, no matter what type of program you’re installing. Moreover, avoid downloading applications from web pages hosting applications that are questionable. If you do not review what gets installed, your system will fill up with rubbish in no time. And initially preventing the junk from installing is much simpler compared to having them removed after they’re installed.

How harmful is CometSearch

Hijackers may be rather sneaky during installation but you will notice them quickly after. Mainly because it changes Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox settings. The hijacker will set the page it is sponsoring as your homepage and new tabs, which means your browser will load the web page every time it’s opened. This is a very big and obvious change, so we doubt you wouldn’t see. In addition to this, the hijackers will change your search engine. Changed search results will be shown to you if you perform a search through the browser address bar. These changes, which the hijacker did without your authorisation, might be hard to undo while the hijacker remains installed.

Search results will include sponsored content so be careful what you click on. These changed results are included because hijackers want to redirect users to sponsored pages for profit purposes. But web pages like that aren’t always safe, and you could be led to scammy or malicious software-ridden websites. Those results will probably be unconnected to your searches so you’ll be able to tell the difference between them and legitimate ones.

The changes done to your browser and the redirects are why hijackers should be uninstalled right away. Unfortunately, since they look rather harmless, users do not rush to uninstall them. There are also users who don’t remove them at all. Authorizing a hijacker to stay installed isn’t advised since they can expose you to more severe infections and you will not necessarily know.

The hijacker will also snoop on you, recording information about how you browse the internet. It’ll primarily gather information related to browsing, such as searches, what sites you visit, what advertisements you click on, your location. Unknown third-parties may get access to this information as well.

How to delete CometSearch

Employing spyware removal software to remove CometSearch is the best way. Hijackers are very persistent, and uninstalling them incorrectly could permit their recovery. Any leftover files would be deleted together with the hijacker if you used spyware removal software.

Once the hijacker is no longer present you can modify your browser’s settings easily. You could avoid the majority of these types of infections, if you pay attention to program installation.Download Removal Toolto remove CometSearch

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