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Chimera Ransomware Removal Guide

As the name shows, Chimera Ransomware is a true ransomware infection that enters systems unnoticed and starts doing its activities. First of all, it encrypts all the files with such extensions as zip, .dat, .png, .txt, .js, .gif, .html, .jpg, .ini, .mp3, etc. All the encrypted files will have the .crypt extension, so you will notice that basically all your files are encrypted.

Luckily, this infection does not touch .exe files, so it will not be difficult to remove Chimera Ransomware from the system. Actually, you will only have to erase the leftovers of this infection because it deletes itself after it does what is has planned to do.


How does Chimera Ransomware act?

The first symptom that Chimera Ransomware is on your computer is the presence of a warning message on your screen. It will place it after it encrypts all users’ profiles. In most cases, a warning message is shown in the web browser but it is impossible to close it because the Close button is disabled. You can get rid of the message by restarting your browser or tapping Alt+F4, but it does not mean that you do not need to delete Chimera Ransomware fully. Moreover, the warning message is not the only thing that Chimera Ransomware places. It has been noticed that it puts .html files with instructions on how to decrypt files. If you read those instructions, you will notice that you have to pay a particular sum in Bitcoins through TOR network to cyber criminals in order to get the special software called Chimera decrypter. The download link ( is provided in the message itself. This is not the best idea to do that because nobody knows whether you will really receive the key for unlocking your files. You can recover your files without paying money if you have a backup. Of course, do not forget to uninstall Chimera Ransomware fully from your system first. We hope we will answer all your questions associated with the Chimera Ransomware removal further in this article.

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How did Chimera Ransomware enter my system?

Specialists say that this threat has probably entered your system because you have opened a malicious email attachment. It can also be distributed via dangerous software installers. Users can get those from third-party websites and torrents. Of course, they might download them after clicking on a link on a corrupted website too. The malicious file is usually downloaded to Downloads or Temp folders. It is not really important how this ransomware infection has slithered because you still have to delete Chimera Ransomware. Make sure that you do not pay money for cyber criminals too.

Terminate Chimera Ransomware

You can successfully implement the Chimera Ransomware removal by scanning your system with an automatic malware remover. We have prepared the instructions that will show you how you can do that. We do not recommend that you remove Chimera Ransomware manually because it is extremely difficult and there is no doubt that you will leave a great deal of other infections on your computer.

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