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BestAdBlocker Removal Instructions (Delete BestAdBlocker)

BestAdBlocker is an intrusive PUP (potentially unwanted program) that deceives its users. Although it presents itself as a tool that will get rid of all the unwanted commercial advertisements (after all, it is called Ad Blocker), it will start producing ads itself. In other words, the users are attacked by a huge amount of ads when there should be none of them. You see, there are really good add-blocking program on the Internet, but some of them are just a scam, and you should eliminate them as soon as possible.

If you don’t remove BestAdBlocker from your system, you may end up with more threats than before because the program’s ads are highly unreliable. The removal of the PUP will fix everything: you will no longer see the advertisements. However, everything will be fine only if you haven’t cliched on anything. Otherwise, you should additionally scan your computer for other potentially unwanted applications or malware.


Why is BestAdBlocker dangerous?

As you have already read, the program displays a lot of commercial advertisements. By doing this, it collects money from your clicks. It does not concern the developers of the PUP that the ads might be dangerous – all they care about is money. As you might have guessed, the ads will be displayed when you surf the Internet. On every website there can be a new threat, and this ruins your experience completely. From now on, each browsing session can be dangerous because you may click on an ad even accidentally. When this happens, you can be redirected to a webpage that is full of online infections, and these can include viruses and Trojans. Also, users have to know one thing – they are spied on. You know what this means? Various types of information, including your search history, can be recorded, used for marketing purposes (to generate more ads, of course), and even shared with third parties. Before any of your info ends up in the hand of people with bad intentions, delete BestAdBlocker.

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How did BestAdBlocker get onto my computer?

Do you often visit P2P sites like torrent pages? If so, the source of the infection is clear. The PUP may have entered you PC when you pressed a fake download button – this always brings malware into users’ computers. Also, there has been found out that the program can come bundled with an installer called InstallRex. Never download suspicious applications from unknown sites – this means only trouble.

How to remove BestAdBlocker safely?

If you have some experience with computers and are able to delete programs via Control Panel, BestAdBlocker removal may not be a huge difficulty to you. However, our security experts recommend to uninstall BestAdBlocker by using a legitimate anti-malware and anti-spyware application. You see, if you have really visited P2P pages, Best Ad Blocker may not be the only PUP on your PC.


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