How to remove Omniboxes

By computer experts, Omniboxes is considered to be a dangerous browser hijacker that can enter your system and take over your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers without permission. Once inside your computer, the intruder will also start tracking your online activities, show you numerous advertisements, constantly redirect you to suspicious pages and may also expose you to the unknown and dangerous third parties.

If you think that your PC was infiltrated by this application, we suggest you not to risk your system’s safety and to remove Omniboxes as soon as possible.


How did Omniboxes enter your PC?

In most cases, such applications like Omniboxes sneak into a new system together with freeware or shareware that users download from unofficial websites. The owners of these pages use such strategy to monetize their free downloads. In order to avoid such intruders, we recommend to use only reputable pages in the future. However, if you do not wish to change your sources, at least make sure to follow the installation proceduresvery careful. Choose either Advanced or Custom option and read the End User License Agreement attentively. In this document, all the additional programs should be announced which gives you an opportunity to click the Decline button next to them. If the software is already in your system, terminate Omniboxes at once.

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What does Omniboxes do?

As we said, Omniboxes can cause a lot of problems to your PC. First of all, you should know that as soon as the application enters s computer, it starts following user’s online activities. Moreover, all gathered data is shared with third parties which means that anyone can access your IP address, recent search history, clicks, most visited pages, favorite browsers, and so on. To make sure that your data does not reach the hands of suspicious parties, we recommend to eliminate Omniboxes.

Another reason why you should take care of Omniboxes removal is the annoying ads which will be presented to you in every window that you open. Various pop-ups, in-text ads, banners, etc. will keep appearing until you delete Omniboxes. While they are very irritating and distracting, the main problem is that their owners are unknown. This means that after clicking one of them, you may find yourself in a page that belongs to cyber crooks which will make sure to use an opportunity to infect your computer with some kind of malware. Remember, it is much harder to get rid of a virus, Trojan, or some other malicious software compared with this annoying hijacker. We suggest you not to delay any longer and remove Omniboxes.

On top of this all, as long as the hijacker is in your PC, you will not be able to trust your search results. The intruder will force you to use sponsored search engine which can present your with dangerous links. Basically, as long you let the application reside in your system, you will be at risk every time you choose one of the provided links. To make searching secure once more, you need to delete Omniboxes and to recover your previous search engine.

How to uninstall Omniboxes?

We hope that after reading this article you understand the threat that Omniboxes poses to your computer. In order to delete Omniboxes, you should acquire a trustworthy and up-to-date computer security software. Remember that only a legitimate anti-spyware will be able to terminate and ensure that your PC is safe in the future. However, if you would rather take care of Omniboxes removal by yourself, you can choose the manual option. To ensure that you manage to delete successfully, we prepared a step-by step instructions which you will find bellow. Follow them and erase Omniboxes right now.


Windows XP

1. Press Start button and choose Control Panel.
2. Open Add or Remove programs.
3. Erase Omniboxes

Windows Vista and Windows 7

1. Access Start menu and go to Control Panel.
2. Select Uninstall a program.
3. Uninstall

Windows 8

1. Go to the bottom right corner of the screen.
2. Pick Settings and open Control Panel.
3. Select Uninstall a program and remove Omniboxes.

Delete from your browsers

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the menu and tap Options.
2. Go to the General tab and overwrite your home page.
3. Open Search tab and change/remove the search provider.
4. Access the menu again and pick Add-ons.
5. Terminate the unknown extensions.

Google Chrome

1. Press the menu icon and select Settings.
2. Go to Set pages and overwrite your home page
3. Tap Manage search engine and change/remove search tool.
4. In the Extensions, delete useless add-ons.

Internet Explorer

1. Press the Gear icon and click Internet Options.
2. Replace the current home page with the one you trust.
3. Tap the Gear icon again and open Manage Add-ons.
4. Go to Toolbars and Extensions and delete unwanted add-ons.
5. Open Search Providers, delete the current search provider and set a new one as your default.

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