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How to uninstall CryptoDefense Virus

CryptoDefense Virus is categorized as ransomware. It is a very dangerous online infection that has already attacked thousands of users all around the globe. Once it infiltrates into your personal computer, it starts causing problems. The biggest issue with it is the encryption of the majority of your files.

This means that the program encrypts your .jpg, .docx, .ppt, .xls, .doc, and similar files so that you would not be able to open and use them as intended. If you are sure that you have this threat, you must delete CryptoDefense Virus and decrypt the files that have been modified. Unfortunately, the application is created for collecting money, and that is why it is called ransomware: you are supposed to pay a ransom. Of course, paying the money is just a big mistake and you must not do it. There are other ways to get all your files back. If you want to do this immediately, skip the article and use the instructions below it to remove CryptoDefense Virus and set everything back to normal.


Why is CryptoDefense Virus dangerous?

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The ransomware was noted in the February of 2014 for the first time. Since then, it was able to attack more than 20 000 PCs in over 100 countries all around the world. The saddest thing is that many people have already paid the hackers money: the developers of the virus have already collected $34,000. The good thing is that now you know that decrypting your files is not a problem. After the application attacks your computer and does its malicious actions, it shows a warning message that says:

“All files including videos, photos and documents on your computer and encrypted by CryptoDefense Software.
Encryption was produced using a unique key RSA-2048 generated for this computer. To decrypt files you need to obtain the private key.
The single copy of the private key, which will allow you to decrypt the files, located on a secret server on the Internet. The server will destroy the key after a month. After that, nobody and never will be able to restore files.”

The programs asks you to pay $500 or €500 in bitcoins. However, the developers have made one mistake: the decryption key is present on your computer and you just simply need to find it. This means that after you delete CryptoDefense Virus from the PC, you can restore all the files. The key might be found in three different locations: %TEMP%, %Program Data%, or AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA.

How did my PC get infected with CryptoDefense Virus?

It is most likely that you have opened an infected spam e-mail and thus ended up with this infection. In future, make sure that you do not click neither on the attachments nor spam letters. Even though some emails look legitimate and official, they can spread dangerous infections. After you terminate CryptoDefense Virus, you have to be very cautious about spam attachments.

How to remove CryptoDefense Virus from my personal computer?

Luckily for you, this ransomware allows you to use the Internet and your desktop. Because of this, you can implement CryptoDefense Virus removal by yourself. After you do everything according to the instructions, scan your computer with a trustworthy spyware and malware removal application.

Decrypting the files

  • Go to your Start menu.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • Choose User Accounts and Family Safety.
  • Press User accounts.
  • Press Manage your file encryption certificates.
  • Press Next.
  • On Certificate details, choose all the files that you would like to decrypt and press Next.
  • Press All Logical Drives and click Next.

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